s Storytelling Tent -- Barberville Jamboree 2016

Barberville Jamboree Storytelling Tent
November 5-6, 2016

Storytelling Schedule and Biographies

scroggie.jpgAnn Scroggie, a retired college speech professor, was raised in East Tennessee, but it was in Florida that she became a story convert just 14 years ago. Since that time she has moved from the college campus to the neighborhood of stories and has traveled wherever stories take her--from Gainesville to Israel and Bhutan and even back to East Tennessee to earn a master's degree in storytelling. Believing that "stories bring us together," Ann has created interactive workshops and performances for babies, kids seniors and businesses. "Everybody has a laughing place, a crying place and a quiet place. My task is to guide them to that safe place of imagination."
backintyme.jpgBackintyme uses the art of storytelling and the emotion of music to illuminate the history and folklore of Florida and the United States. The banjo and folk percussion instruments playing 19th century music transport audiences back to another time when life was different. Frank & Mary Lee Sweet do banjo, bones and spoken word with Chuck Spano on washboard, and Ron Spencer on bass.
fell.jpgBetty Fell just wants to have fun telling favorite family stories, legends and historic stories. She plays the recorder in Early Music Consort and is one of the Historic Women of St. Augustine, Storytellers of History.
brennan.jpgBill Brennan, Psychotherapist, Trauma Specialist and Certified Addiction Professional, has experienced the healing power of storytelling personally and professionally for 36 years. A Florida resident for 24 years, originally from New York City, Bill enjoys exploring the inner and the outer world with his imagination and his Black Labrador Retriever.
kastle.jpgChris Kastle's songs and stories have been described as "exquisite" and possessing " powerful imagery". Her performances are a rich blend of original works and those drawn from folk tradition. They captivate, entertain, and transport people of all ages. She presents traditional and original songs using guitar, fiddle, penny whistle, mandolin, and drum. Her spoken word repertoire includes personal, traditional, and original material. Her presentations for children and families are delightful. On occasion, Chris also creates whimsical and endearing puppets for use with younger audiences. For more information, click here.
gribbin.jpgDan Gribbin is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from the Daytona Beach area. He began his folk singing career at the Eustis Street Grill and continues to perform at the Lake County Folk Festival, the Will McLean Festival, and other venues. His music, which often features Florida birds and wildlife, has been celebrated for its humor, as well as its spiritual range and satiric bite. www.dangribbin.com www.danbirds.com
thompson.jpgDeborah Lynn Thompson, a native Floridian, is a vibrant storyteller and explorer of cultures, philosophies and nature. Her life experiences include living in Alaska, Argentina, India, New Zealand and Africa. All real experiences; one story may be about a Civil War reenactment, one may be with an alligator in the Everglades, or floating in a tube down the Itchetucknee River. Another story may be learning to drive in Alaska or celebrating a birthday in Kenya. Deborah currently resides in a lake-side cottage in Keystone Heights, Florida.
torrey.jpgDon Torrey, born in Flint Michigan, was a member of the US Navy for 9 years before joining Lockheed and becoming an aerospace engineer in California. There his teenage boys convinced him to become a Boy Scout leader. They started a new troop and found themselves camping and telling stories around the campfires. When Don moved to Florida, he and his family attended a Unitarian Universalist Church. One Sunday a new speaker told his life story and how he became a Sandcastle Storyteller. The following Saturday Don joined the DeLand Sandcastle Storytellers. He has been telling stories ever since.
hoeppner.jpgEric Hoeppner was born in Boston. He performs as Tellemtall. He has spent his life; well from the time he turned four, trying to become a Florida Cracker. He accidentally fell into the web of storytelling; with encouragement from Ada Forney he became totally entrapped. Tellemtall weaves erratically through the minds of a 7th-grade science teacher, a lost pirate, a kid growing up in 1960s Florida, a handyman MacGyver-ing his way through life's mechanical puzzles, and even a 19th century camp cook. Look out, folks. This is as true as it gets.
carson.jpgGail Carson is an award-winning singer/songwriter from Florida. She writes songs in the country / contemporary folk / americana / easy listening genre's. She writes songs about love and life, humor, and inspiration. She currently has 15 CD's of original music she produced and recorded in her home studio. Gail is also a Professional Photographer and Videographer, specializing in Folk Festival Photography in Florida. She also is a graphic artist. You can find out more about Gail Carson on Facebook, and also on her website at www.gailcarson.com.
laroe.jpgMargie LaRoe is a native Florida cracker. She was born and raised in Lake County in central Florida, in Eustis. Still a farm girl, she owns the land where her parents, newly married in 1935, had a tiny house lovingly named The Shanty. The Shanty is gone, but the memories of a childhood of joy remain. She returned to Florida in 1995 to care for her mother. This was a time of story sharing, where full details of snatches of stories Margie had yearned to know were revealed. As the baby of the family, she had perfected the self-defense art of tattletaling. Margie tells tales from her book, Florida Short and Tall Tattletales, primarily about rural life in central Florida.
campbell.jpgMike Campbell is an award winning singer/songwriter/storyteller. For the past 20+ years he has been singing and writing songs and stories about Alaska, earthquakes, seafaring, family, beer, fishing and life. His songs are humorous, witty, sorrowful, historic, thoughtful and above all entertaining. Mike has performed in England, Maryland, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, Florida, the Caribbean and almost everywhere in Alaska. His original songs have been recorded by others and are being sung in stage presentations on three continents. Some of Mike's songs are being considered for movie and TV soundtracks. Matt Hammer, of the Great Alaskan Opry said, "If Tennessee Ernie Ford and Roger Whitaker could have a baby, it would sound just like Mike Campbell." For more information, click here.
ellis.jpgMolly Ellis is a 2015 National Youth Storytelling Torchbearer. Five years of festival performances, drama productions, and Thespian competitions have kept her busy winning awards. A 9th grade honors student in the Arts Conservatory Program at Oak Hall School in Gainesville, Molly enjoys competitive archery in her spare time.
giachetti.jpgPeter Giachetti believes well told stories have changed the world and continue to do so. He pushes the envelope using a unique selection of literary stories with a twist from personal experience. Telling his stories in the first person, they often end with an unexpected surprise.
gant.jpgRay Gant is retired after 47 years at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory at Cape Canaveral. He is an active member of Toastmasters International, where his interest in storytelling and story writing began. In 1997, at the encouragement of fellow Toastmaster and Storyteller Ada Forney, he joined the Sandcastle Storytellers Guild. Ray's stories have been known to bring a tear to the eye and laughter to the belly. Although some of his stories are from the world of make believe, some are from the realities of life with, perhaps, a sprinkle or two of embellishment.
vanderberg.jpgRose van der Berg involves audiences in telling stories that amuse and uplift. She believes there is a lot of love in this world trying to get out; and that sharing stories plants and grows seeds of connection and caring. She uses storytelling and improvisational theater in her work as a personal development trainer. Her lively playshops create safe, fun spaces where people can laugh and feel nurtured while learning skills to deal effectively with the challenges of everyday life. She is a member of the National Storytelling Network and the Healing Story Alliance. You can contact her at rosevdb5@gmail.com.
beaulieu.jpgSandy Beaulieu was born and raised in Massachusetts. About 45 years ago she moved to Florida with her young family. She has been telling stories ever since her introduction to the art at a festival in Barberville, often accompanied by guitar, puppets, ventriloquism and more. Her stories are inspirational and educational, geared toward children and adults who listen like children.
sims.jpgThe Storytelling Sims are humorists, historians, and tandem tellers devoted to the art of storytelling as an entertainment medium. Since 1994 Wayne & Jane Sims have brought joy and laughter to heritage & special event, library, retirement community and festival audiences from Florida's River of Grass to the North Carolina Blue Ridge.
terry.jpgVGO Philip Terry tells the stories behind the historic music he plays. He performs and does historic impressions for museums, libraries, and history events. Many of his stories are personal. He studied and played music with the legendary musicians of the 60s through 80s: Nehemiah Skip James, Mississippi John Hurt, Eddie (Son) House, Booker T. Washington White, Rev. Gary Davis, and E.M. (Mother) Scott. In 1981, VGO and F. (Fritz) Kirsch formed the 97th Regimental String Band. They played Civil War music all over the United States and showcased in Branson, Mo.
moore.jpgWinston Moore is an Oklahoma native whose travels have taken him far. Though he has many personal stories to share, he specializes in the recitation of poetry, especially that of Robert Service. He is a long-standing member of both the Ocali Storytelling Guild in Ocala and Sandcastle Storytellers of DeLand. For the past 15 years Winston has lived on a ten acre spread in Fort McCoy.

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