Why the Racist Bias in Mainstream Media?

The mainstream media routinely concoct lies about White-on-Black racism. On the other hand, the media condone an epidemic of Black-on-Black teen murders. Profit motive does not explain the bias. Hatred does.

The Mainstream Media Routinely Concoct Lies About White-on-Black Racism.

Every so often, the U.S. mainstream media whip the ignorant masses into a frenzy by falsifying otherwise dull news stories. Here is a brief recap.

Two years before the edited tapes, fuzzed videos, and outright lies that spawned the Martin/Zimmerman lynch mobs, the newsmedia churned fools into froth by claiming that tea-party members spat on a congressman and called him the “n-word”. It was a lie, of course, easily revealed by a never-claimed offer of $100,000 for any shred of evidence or first-hand testimony. The lie was never retracted.

Seven months before that, MSNBC concocted a lie about racist White tea-party members carrying machine guns in order to terrorize Blacks and possibly threaten the first Black president. They did it by carefully cropping a video of a Black military veteran carrying a legal rifle, so as to conceal his skin-tone. The lie was then re-broadcast by the other networks, carried by hundreds of newspapers, and never retracted.

One month before that, the newsmedia embelished the arrest of Henry Gates to claim that: he was arrested because: (1) a neighbor reported seeing “a Black man” breaking into a house and (2) the cop did not accept Gates’s ID. In fact, the 911 tape shows that the caller had no idea as to the “race” of the light-skinned apparent burglar in the shadows, and to the very end, Gates adamantly refused to show the police any ID with his address on it (so they could verify that he was breaking into his own residence). The lies were then broadcast around the world and never retracted.

Twenty-one months before that, the newsmedia told the world that Madonna Constantine, a Black teacher at Columbia University, had been terrorized by finding a racist noose hanging outside her office. In fact, a security video forcibly obtained by the police with a search warrant against the protests of the professor and her college, showed Constantine herself putting up the noose. To this day, news archives and scholarly studies of racism in academia continue to spout the original lie and hide the truth.

Five months before that, six young Black thugs in Jena LA tried to stomp a White child to death. When prosecuted, they said that they could not help themselves because they had seen a noose on a tree several weeks earlier (they did not suggest any connection between the alleged noose and their victim). National newsmedia proclaimed that the thugs were actually the victims because they were Black. Presumably, Black men go helplessly berserk several weeks after they see a noose. News archives today continue to depict the six Jena thugs as victims of White racism.

Fourteen months before that, the mainstream media trumpeted to the world front-page news that the White members of Duke University’s lacrosse team had gang-raped an innocent Black stripper in an unprecedented act of racism. When incontrovertible evidence surfaced that it was all a lie, they dropped the story but never retracted it, except for a few newspapers who buried a short admission of the truth deep in their back sections.

Twenty years before that, the media announced that Black 15-year-old Tawana Brawley had been raped and had feces smeared over her by White police and prosecutors in Wappingers Falls NY. Comedian Bill Cosby donated tens of thousands of dollars to Al Sharpton to help whip the ignorant masses into a frenzy. Other celebrities joined the lynch mobs. Eventually a court case showed beyond doubt that it was all a lie and ordered Sharpton to pay damages. The media never retracted the lie. Sharpton never paid a nickel.

Visit this site for similar stories going back to 1925.

If you believe any of those stories, there is nothing I can say or do to change your mind. In any case, persuading you that the media broadcast lies is not my purpose.

Instead, my purpose is to examine a common thread and to ask what causes it.

The media lie by periodically concocting false reports of White-on-Black racism. Note that I am NOT saying that White-on-Black racism does not exist. To repeat what I am saying: The media lie by periodically concocting false reports of White-on-Black racism.

Hold that thought.

The Media Condone an Epidemic of Black-on-Black Teen Murders.

For any individual teen-aged Black male, the chances are nearly one out of 50 that he will be murdered by another Black male and virtually zero chance of being murdered by a White. In contrast, the average teen-aged White male has less than one chance in 500 of being murdered by another White male, and the same chance of being murdered by a Black. Data here.

From ages 15 to 34, homicide by another Black male is by far the leading cause of death of Black males. From ages 15 to 24, more Black males are murdered by other Black males than die of all other causes combined. Data here.

In the very week that Trayvon Martin was killed, 155 other young Black males were murdered in the United States. Of those, 149 (96 percent) were murdered by other young Black males. Data here.

In the two months since Martin’s death, with the full cooperation of neighbors and witnesses, the authorities scoured for evidence to decide if George Zimmerman was justfied. In those same two months, over 1,300 murders of young Black men went unsolved. They were not even realistically investigated because family, friends, neighbors, and witnesses refused to cooperate with police investigators.

The U.S. epidemic of Black-on-Black teen murders is staggering. More than all other causes of death combined. Think about that: More than all other causes of death combined! It is unbelievable unless you force yourself to look at the data.

But what is most sickening is that the tidal wave of Black-on-Black teen murder is condoned by public apathy, encouraged by newsmedia blackout, orchestrated by Black indifference, and perpetuated by the refusal of Black communities to cooperate with the law and bring the murderers to justice.

Understand. The horror is not that nobody cares about the murder of eight thousand Black youngsters each year. The horror is that U.S. society wants it, demands it, applauds it.

Hold that thought.

Profit Motive Does Not Explain the Bias.

At first glance, the media blackout of the epidemic of Black-on-Black teen murder seems reasonable. What sells is the odd, the unusual. Nobody pays to read “Dog Bites Man” but they will pay for a “Man Bites Dog” story.

Fifty thousand people die in U.S. auto accidents each year; five hundred die in airplane crashes. Data here. That is why the latter gets the headlines, while the former is not even reported.

Three thousand children each year drown in swimming pools. Data here. Five hundred die from gun accidents. Data here. And so, each gun accident is splashed on front pages across the nation, while swimming-pool drownings are local-news back page.

But wait. The media do not make up stories about men biting dogs. If someone falls asleep at the wheel and drives into a tree, they do not invent the idea that he was actually flying an airplane. And, other than a few idealogues, no one falsifies police shootings of gangsters to say that they were accidental child shootings caused by defective guns.

In short, the profitability of bizarre news stories always offers incentive to make them up. Nevertheless, the mainstream media seldom falsify the news unless the story is about White-on-Black racism. That exception, Black victimization by Whites, is the master narrative that the media routinely support by whatever means necessary, including fraud. Why?

To see the answer, look at the consequences of falsification by the mainstream newsmedia. Each time the media lash the ignorant masses into a frenzy of victimization, a large fraction of the African-American community becomes enraged at White oppression. Each time the fraud collapses, the blind mobs despair at what they think is vast White conspiracy. Step by step, unreasoning Black hatred of all Whites grows worse and is more easily triggered. Each time, the three measures of healthy race-relations accellerate their steepening plunge into the abyss: the U.S. Back/White test-score gap, the U.S. Black/White net worth gap, and the U.S. Black/White crime gap widen, never again to heal in the direction of normality.

Each time it happens, children become less receptive to their teachers, to avoid “acting White”. Black adults become less frugal because they believe that their poverty does not stem from their bad financial decisions, but is the result of implacable White racism. And hundreds of teenaged boys murder each other every day in a spiraling social collapse because thuggery is the test of “real Blackness”.

Hold that thought.

Hatred Explains It.

Can anyone seriously think that mainstream media executives and staffers do not realize the consequences of their lies? They are the very same experts who can predict to three decimal places how many more viewers will go into the kitchen during a commercial break, depending on a TV ad’s background color or its precise musical tempo. They know exactly what the response will be to each fake news report. They are not destroying the Black community accidentally or through carelessness. They are doing it deliberately, knowing the impact, seeking those very results.

Is it a conscious conspiracy to re-enslave Blacks? I do not think so. I fall back on an analysis by someone more learned than I. Erik Rush, Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal–America’s Racial Obsession (WND, 2010) argues that the collective American subconscious is today undergoing a backlash against the civil rights revolution of 50 years ago, in the same way that the Jim Crow era of state-sponsored terrorism of 1915 was a collective backlash against emancipation of 50 years before then. The current deliberate (albeit subconscious) destruction of the Black community exemplifies Hegel’s argument for thesis (social change), followed by antithesis (backlash), followed by synthesis (some as-yet-unknowable adjustment to a new social order).

I tend to agree with Rush. The destruction of the Black community by the media’s pushing it into a spiraling plunge of victimization, alienation, apathy, and hatred of society is deliberate and calculated, but it is not conscious. It is the purposeful consequence of U.S. opinion-makers who, due to some deep social tide in the affairs of men, have nothing but subconscious contempt for Blacks, and are well on the road to destroying them.

Frank W. Sweet is the author of Legal History of the Color Line (ISBN 9780939479238), an analysis of the nearly 300 appealed cases that determined Americans’ “racial” identity over the centuries. It is the most thorough study of the legal history of this topic yet published. He was accepted to Ph.D. candidacy in history with a minor in molecular anthropology at the University of Florida in 2003 and has completed all but his dissertation defense. He earned an M.A. in History from American Military University in 2001. He is also the author of several state park historical booklets and published historical essays. He was a member of the editorial board of the magazine Interracial Voice, and is a regular lecturer and panelist at historical and genealogical conferences. To send email, click here.

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  1. AD Powell Says:


    The San Francisco Police Department has underreported the arrest rates of the city’s two largest minority groups for years, misclassifying Latino arrestees as “white” and Asian arrestees as “other,” The Bay Citizen has learned.

    The state has been publishing the erroneous statistics in a report called “Crime in California” since at least 1999, when the state Department of Justice first began posting the data online.

    San Francisco civil rights advocates said they were stunned to hear that the police department was misclassifying Latino and Asian arrestees as “white” and “other.” African Americans make up 6 percent of the population but account for 40 percent of all arrests. According to the misclassified statistics, Latinos, who constitute 15 percent of the city’s population, account for 1.5 percent of all arrests. At nearly 36 percent, Asians have become the second-largest demographic group in San Francisco, behind whites. But the statistics reported under “other” provide no indication of how often Asians are arrested in the city.